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Photo Critique

Something else unique to my business includes an in-depth photography critique. Surprisingly, it's extremely difficult to get legitimate and useful criticism of your photography! Today, there's definitely a difference in the online world between constructive criticism and destructive opinion on your work.


I started this service remembering just how useful constructive criticism can be especially when it came from a highly-seasoned photographer. Often times a fresh set of eyes familiar in the photography world can be a valuable missing piece of the puzzle. My unbiased critiques are straight forward focusing my thoughts on a photograph's post-processing, visual impact, and composition. Very simply I look for these things in every critique:

  • Does the photo make sense?

  • Does the photo work telling a particular story or vision?

  • Does the photo provide emotional or aesthetic impact?


Cost for a simple critique is $10 per photo with a maximum of five photos.


If you have questions regarding your particular vision or style I recommend sending me more than one photograph so I'm able to see a pattern or shared vision between each image. Each of my critiques are fast 12-24-hour turnarounds. My photo critiques are a quick and easy way to substantially help improve your photography using a fresh and subjective pair of eyes without breaking the bank!


Contact me to schedule a critique or for more details!

Private Instruction

My private workshops are a bit different from traditional photo tours. My tours combine a photographic destination and private instruction all rolled into one. I offer one-on-one instruction in the field at nearly any location in Oregon, the entire state of Nevada (including my "Lake Tahoe Special"), and the Eastern Sierras of California, available in one session (sunrise or sunset), overnight, and full-day packages. From start to finish my field instruction is tailored to you: your limits - your passions - your areas of interest with non-stop instruction and take home expertise. Every package includes a personalized lesson plan, in-depth instruction, and a post-processing video based on your shoot to take home. Visit my Tours & Instruction for more details!


When creating these workshops I wanted something a bit different from your traditional sign-up-go-shoot photography outing. I realized that everybody is different, and with that, I've tailored personalized lesson plans based on your strengths and skills. Your plan and needs will be unique to you and nobody else. Very simply, I make it a point to teach you things that you don't already know. I'm so confident that you will come away with something so mind-blowing that I offer the security of a money-back guarantee.


My workshops are limited to 4 people so that I'm able to work closely with you in a tight knit setting. Visit my Tours & Instruction for more details!

Photo Licensing


Yes, licensing is available on all of my images and each of these is handled on an individual basis. Be it a simple addition to your website or publication please contact me for details and very reasonable pricing.

Public Speaking & Presentation


Public speaking is actually my first love and how I began my road into photography. I've raised thousands of dollars for various non-profit organizations through slide series and presentations with some good ol' fashioned story telling, fantastic works, and tubs of ice cream. I'm a story teller, very much a nerd, and a tactful professional all rolled into one.


If you are looking for a jack of all trades to speak at any event - be it non-profit, camera clubs, or conventions, along with a splendid slide show of work, there's a vast wealth of knowledge I can employ. Lets connect!

Oregon & The Environment


I make every possible effort to assist environmental groups, non-profit agencies, and charities any way I can in regards to local support or environmental causes. If you're interested in licensing any of my images specifically for these purposes, do not hesitate to contact me for significant discounts, free services, or free licensing of my images for your publication! Additionally I am available for assignment on environmental protection or anything locally based here in Central Oregon at a significantly discounted rate.